Welcome to the UO College Dems!

We’re open to all students and offer a healthy environment for political discussion, debate, and activism. We welcome the liberals, the progressives, the moderates–everyone who may call him or herself a Democrat.

College Democrats Mission Statement
The College Democrats will serve as a source of ideas, organization, and activism directed towards supporting students at the University of Oregon who seek to gain experience in campus, local, state, or national politics through voter education, voter registration, voter turn-out effort, as well as those who seek to gain experience by aiding candidates or campaigns aligned with the ideals found within the platform, heritage, or future directions of the Democratic Party.

Executive Board
President: Ben – Senior
Vice President: Souvanny – Senior
Secretary: Sammy – Sophomore
Treasurer: Joe – Senior
Fundraising Chair: Rachel – Senior

University of Oregon College Democrats Constitution

Article I. Name

(1) The Name of this organization shall be the University of Oregon College Democrats.

Article II. Object

(1) The purpose of this organization shall be to promote student involvement in the democratic process, recruit students to the Democratic Party, and elect Democratic candidates.

Article III. Membership

(1) Active members of the University of Oregon College Democrats shall be defined as members who have attended at least three official meetings or events in the current academic year.

(2) The Code of Conduct shall be extended to all members of the general body and shall outline the standards and expectations of a responsible, upstanding College

Democrat. The Code of Conduct will include the circumstances and process by which

a member may be asked to leave the group for a suspension period or permanently

if they fail to adhere to these standards. By regularly attending College Democrats meetings and/or events each member agrees to hold themselves responsible to the level

of conduct established in this Constitution.

(3) College Democrats will be expected to be respectful of all present during College Democrats Events and Meetings, this includes, but is not limited to, acting in a civil manner during discussion, respecting personal boundaries and being professional while representing the group in public. Failure to adhere to these standards, including incidences of harassment or academic dishonesty may be grounds for dismissal.

Article IV. Officers

(1) Officers shall consist of one President, one Vice President, one Secretary, one

Fundraising Chair, and one Treasurer.

(2) All Officers shall be elected spring term by a plurality on a written ballot.

(3) The term of office shall consist of the entire academic year following the meeting at which the officers are elected.

(4) A special election shall be held in the event that an officer shall need to temporarily or permanently vacate his or her position.

(5) The incoming officers each year shall participate in transition activities (at the discretion of the outgoing Executive Committee) with the outgoing Executive Committee from the time of election. Failure to participate in said transition activities as determined by vote of the Executive Committee, shall result in a recall vote.

(6) The President and Vice-President shall be responsible for running weekly meetings as they see fit.

(7) The President and Vice-President shall be the media contacts, for the College Democrats, excepting for specific events of campaigns that they are a part of.

(8) The President or Vice-President shall be the preferred representatives of the College Democrats to meetings of the Democratic Party of Lane County, the Democratic Party of Oregon, College Democrats of America, and the Young Oregon Democrats of

America, as well as to the various Associated Students of the University of Oregon, Erb Memorial Union, and other relevant meetings at which attendance is required or requested. In the event of a tie vote within the general body, the two co-chairs shall flip a coin, and the winner shall cast the tie-breaking vote.

(9) The Treasurer shall be in charge of finances. All money requests and purchase orders shall be handled by the treasurer, including postage, copy fees, office supplies, etc.

(10) The Fundraising Chair shall be in charge of running and facilitating fundraising for the group’s specific campaigns and needs as authorized by the Executive Committee and general membership.

(11) The Secretary shall maintain the web page (or oversee someone else’s maintenance of the web page) and email list as well as take the minutes at meetings, including taking attendance of the Executive Board. The secretary shall also keep an updated list of active members to be used for voting purposes.

(12) The President and Vice-President may form committees and appoint a member to chair each committee. Up to three committee chairs may be granted a seat on the Executive Committee by the President. Other non-executive positions may be created by the Executive Committee as needed.

(13) The President and Vice-President are restricted from holding a paid campaign position with any Democratic candidate during a primary in which said candidate is running against another Democrat.

Article V. Meetings

(1) Excepting finals week, the College Democrats shall meet once a week, barring extreme circumstances during the fall, winter, and spring academic terms. A vote of the Executive Committee shall be required to cancel a meeting.

(2) Quorum for official votes shall be 11 members. Majority is 50% plus one unless otherwise specified. All voters must be active members.

Article VI. Executive Committee

(1) The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Fundraising Chair, the Treasurer, and up to three Committee Chairs granted a seat on the Committee by the President.

(2) The size of the Executive Committee may not exceed eight at any time.

(3)The Executive Committee shall meet once a week outside the general meeting.

(4)Attendance at the general meeting by members of the Executive Committee shall be mandatory, barring unforeseen circumstances.

(5) A vote to impeach a member of the Executive Committee shall be held by the general body of the College Democrats, requiring a 2/3 majority. After group discussion, a vote to remove from office will be held, requiring a 3/4 majority. Impeachable offenses include, but are not limited to, misappropriation of funds, general dereliction of duty, and actions unbecoming to an officer or actions harmful to the group. Any member may bring charges against an Executive Committee member. Upon removal from office, a special election shall be held to fill the vacated position.

(6) Each member of the Executive Committee shall attend no less then 1/5 of the weekly meetings and 1/5 of the Executive Committee meetings.

Article VII. Amendments to Bylaws

(1) This Constitution is a living document and is open to interpretation and amendment.

(2) All amendments shall be submitted in final written form to the Executive Committee, where, upon a 3/4 majority vote, it shall be passed on to the general body for discussion and ratification by a 3/4 majority.

First Amendment:

The President and Vice-President are restricted from holding a paid campaign position with any Democratic candidate during a primary in which said candidate is running against another Democrat.

Second Amendment:

This amendment establishes the Tony Kaminski scholarship fund. The University of Oregon College Democrats will raise $1050 on or before 14 June 2011 for the College of Arts and Sciences Foundation. The further endowment or disposal of the fund is up to the a new board empowered to govern the scholarship and formally report to the UO College Dems at least once per quarter. This board is to be known as the Scholarship Board and will be made up of three members of equal power. The board shall consist of the Vice President of the UO College Dems, the UO College Dems Alumni Coordinator, and an additional member voted to the board yearly by the group.

Ratified by group vote on May 2013